Thursday May 19th 2016 6.00pm- 8.00pm                                                                     advertisement

McCarthyInternational New Age Teacher, Channel and Psychic Paul McCarthy invites you to attend this unique presentation and for some participants to receive personal Readings to explore this subject.

Who Are You? Your answers to this question define your levels of happiness and well-being, your chances of success in life, your level of consciousness, level of Ascension as well as your ability to manifest. 

It is THE BIG QUESTION! In this 2 hour talk Paul discusses how we can look at this from different angles and how this opens up new and profound opportunities for us. The talk is designed to be supportive, humorous and thought provoking.

Paul welcomes participants from all walks of life, both experienced New Age seekers as well those who are just curious and wish listen to more and perhaps receive a reading.    

Paul McCarthy is an experienced and successful International New Age Teacher, Channel and Psychic and he has given more than 200 workshops and presentations around the world as well as 1000’s of readings to individuals.

+ READINGS Available to book for Friday 20th morning at the The Isbourne Holistic Centre

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