Sartori Penny 2Perspectives on Death

This April at the Isbourne, we have two very different events, both dealing with the subject of death but from quite different perspectives.

SartoriThere have been countless stories of those who have returned to live a full life having gone through a Near Death Experience (NDE). Medical researcher Dr Penny Sartori undertook the UK's largest long-term study of them and was awarded a PhD in 2005. She believe that NDEs have very real life changing effects, and that the messages brought back by those who have experienced them are too important to be overlooked.  With her experience of caring for dying patients coupled with her vast knowledge of NDEs, she speaks with authority on this subject and has received worldwide attention and media coverage, attracting the attention of HRH Prince Charles. 

What can we gain from understanding NDEs better? Can they improve our quality of life, now? Will we be able to live in a deeper, more meaningful way? Dr Sartori believes we can all benefit from such knowledge.

Her workshop The Wisdom of Near Death is on Saturday 30th April from 10am - 2pm, and you can book your place here.


 In order to become fully alive, we need to face our fears of death. In another talk relating to death and explored from a more personal perpective, clinical psychologist and psychotherapist Anne Geraghty tells us how much truth there was in this phrase for her when her son, Tim Guest, died. 

Despite having meditated and prayed, experienced retreats and shamanic rituals, been a psychotherapist and run international workshops, Anne's understanding of life was turned on its head. Her old life ended. What had happened to her son? Where was he? In her search she began exploring the very nature of death itself. She views death as her greatest teacher.

Geraghty Her book Death, The Last God, contains intellectual understanding as well as personal wisdom – and much more. This really is a modern Book of the Dead. 

 Come and hear Anne speak at our Guest Speaker event Love and Death on Monday 18th April, 7pm. She will be available for chat and book signing afterwards. Anne Geraghty


Anne Geraghty was a Clinical Psychologist and worked with R.D. Laing. She wrote for the original Spare Rib. She became a disciple of Osho in the ‘70s. She ran workshops on love and relationships all over the world. Then her son Tim Guest died and her old life died too. She now runs workshops on death and dying.



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