Isbourne Tutors

Alison Ensor

Cheltenham Healing Group

Angela Hoskins & Terry Butler

A Course in Miracles

Ann Blagden

Egyptian Belly Dance & Ethnic Vibes Dance

Ann Morley

Mixed Ability Yoga

Anthony Peters

Author, Speaker, Master Practitioner of NLP and Positive Psychology

Carol Green

Spiritual Medium

Carrie Rose

Counsellor, Life-Coach, Course Leader

Cathy Baynes


Claire Seabrook

Therapist, body therapist, teacher

Graham Boston

Web Design and Social Media courses

James D'Angelo

Sound Healing and Voice Workshops

Janie Whittemore

Reiki Master and Reflexologist - Using Universal Life Force Energy to Heal and Re-balance See…

Jo Fellows

Japanese Reiki, Massage, Meditation

John Edward

Palmistry, Tarot and Powerful Presentations

Joy Wisdom

Founder of Allonus ‘Zest of Life’® - Allonus LiGHt Healing programme - Dissolve & Resolve Emotions® (D.A.R.E™)…

Karan Walsh

Dru Yoga

Kate Collier

Exploring Personal Mandalas and Family Constellations

Kathryn Buxton

Meditation and Mindfulness

Kelly Peacey

Crystal Healing Therapy and Healing with the Archangels

Kim Phillips


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