Ann Morley

Take care of your friends during Mental Health Week. Pay for your ticket and bring a friend for free to this class, giving your mental wellbeing a boost by relaxing your mind and stretching out the tension in your body.

Want to feel energised, focused and revitalised? This fun, friendly class will give you an energy boost for the weekend! Over time you will improve your balance and coordination, strengthening your body and increasing resilience. Bodywork (asana) lengthens and tone muscles, shedding tension and opening the body and heart, leaving you refreshed. Breathwork (pranayama) and meditation bring you fully into the present moment, calming the nervous system, and restoring your body's natural ability to heal and nurture itself. You’ll feel centred and uplifted, able to appreciate and enjoy all that your life offers.

These classes are suitable for beginners and are structured to give more experienced practitioners all the benefits of a well-rounded yoga practice. Some yoga mats and meditation cushions are available to borrow on a first come first served basis but please bring your own if possible.

Ann has practiced yoga since 2003 and has been teaching since 2013, exploring different types of yoga and meditation. Her teaching reflects this diversity, incorporating aspects from dynamic Vinyasa Flow, restful Yin and diverse meditation techniques.